NVIDIA presented the fastest and the most capable GPU ever built NVIDIA QUADRO K6000

Nvidia today presented the NVIDIA QUADRO K6000, the most powerful GPU ever built.

Compared to its predecessor – Quadro 5000, the new Quadro K6000 offers more than double better performances based on the NVIDIA Kepler architecture, the fastest and the most efficient GPU architecture.

The Quadro K6000 is powered by 12GB ultra-fast GDDR5 graphic memory and 2,880 streaming multi-processor cores.

This “beast” of a hardware is able to “carry” four simultaneous displays at up to 4k resolution.

The price is still unknown, but its predecessor the K5000 wears the tag price of ~ $2 300, so think again if you were about to buy the new version.

This powerful piece of a hardware will be available from Dell, HP, Lenovo and other major workstation providers this fall.


SOURCE: Nvidia

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