Make your own Phone Racer – iPhone Gaming Stand Simulator

Today I was looking for something cool to do over the weekend. After a few hours of browsing over the web I found this project.

The Phone Racer – Lego iPhone Gaming Stand by Suzanne and David Eaton.

This project lets you enjoy your favorite iPhone racing games with this tiny wheel simulator. Perfect to bring a joy and a smile to your kids, but I promise even you will enjoy it.

What do I need?




  • STEP 1 


A solid build base will be the foundation of your model, this one is made with two connected triangles to keep things in place





  • Step 2







  • Step 3

Construct the phone holder.
This is a simple frame which serves to keep your phone secure. It also includes elements that drive the steering. Note the use of two dark gray TECHNIC “half-pegs” in the round pulley. All other pegs are standard black “friction” pegs.






  • Step 4 

Attach the phone holder to the core.
The phone holder attaches to the core via two elements. One is the long axle mentioned in step two. The other is a tan peg. Thread the axle through the center of the round gray pulley element while the tan peg pokes into a hole midway across the bottom white beam in the phone holder.




  • Step 5

Attach the base.
Use four red pegs to attach the core/holder assembly to the base. Mount it as high up in the frame as possible to allow for connection of the stabilizers in the next step, if you plan to use them.



  • Step 6

Selecting the steering wheel

Your choice of steering wheel is a personal preference. Look through your LEGO collection and try different ones to see how it looks or how it feels. A toothy gear may leave you with sore fingers if you use it a lot. A large wheel may look and feel more like a traditional steering wheel, but perhaps motorcycle handlebars are what you need! Attach your choice to the black axle.



  • Step 7

Build and attach optional stabilizers.
Two rubber tires can prevent your model from slipping around while you use it on a hard surface. They are optional, but you may find them useful. Each one pokes into the side, through both the frame and core.



  • Step 8

Try inserting your phone and make any adjustments.
This model was built for an iPhone 4 without a case. To do it for iPhone 5,  remove the upper elements and the rubber bands, as they got in the way. Instead,  place a simple friction peg on either side, to hold it steady. See what works best for your phone and re-build if necessary. Note also that the steering column can be slid in or out of the core, to adjust the distance between wheel and screen. And, if you’d like to change the angle that your phone and wheel are sitting at, you do that too – by altering the length or position of the beams at the back of the base.



Voila! It is done, run your favorite racing game, and enjoy the steering.

Some game recommendations from the App store : Shrek Kart, Real Racing GTI, Waterslide Extreme and Rollercoaster Extreme.



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